Yellow Jade Chakra bracelet. Healing jewelry for kids

Handcrafted by Reiki master energy healing bracelet. Orange jade for the Third chakra.

Order Orange chakra bracelet Third Chakra bracelet for kids @ $17.00

7 lucky magic gems for kids.

This handmade third chakra bracelet was created for those kids who are following they parents on Reiki or yoga path.

This handcrafted chakra bracelet was designed for everyday wearing. Sliding knots will be an easy way to put it on and adjust for the perfect size.

No metal jewelry for those who have a very sensitive skin.

Meditation and healing jewelry for children.

Yellow jade adjustable bracelet for kids.

Yellow is the color of the third, chakra.  Activate your third chakra by wearing this bracelet. 

Solar Plexus – daily naps, breathing exercises hula hoops, dancing, kicking and upper stomach exercises. 

Wear your Lucky magic 7 gems bracelet everyday for bringing luck into your life. Miracles are all around you as long as you remember to look for them.

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