Alan, USA

Custom jewelry repair

I lost an earring my husband gave me. As a surprise for our anniversary he wanted to do something with the extra earring i still had.He emailed Rita and they discussed the possibilities available to him. On our anniversary he presented me with the most BEAUTIFUL necklace with the earring hanging down as a pendant from the chain. The necklace was made of silver and stones, matching the earring so perfectly, one would never be able to tell my “pendant” was an earring. The necklace is exquisite. As an extra gift Rita also made a pair of earring to go with the necklace that matches exactly. I feel like a queen wearing this pair of jewelry. Her creativity is beyond words. My husband swears he didn’t spend a fortune (he states she was extremely reasonable) but i can attest that this gift looks as if he broke the bank! I can give no higher recommendation for the craftsmanship and creativity Rita provided.


Sharon, USA

Thank you for sending your feedback on our Facebook page. Sharon purchased celebrity style Puzzel bracelet  Rita created for Jenny McCarty .

Feedback ritasunderland jewelry

Aleta, Australia. 

I have recently purchased earrings by Rita Sunderland, and they are so wonderful that I had to write in about them.

As an antiques dealer, I need a professional look that is in keeping with the image of my trade, but I do not always want to wear antique jewelry.

Jewellery by Rita Sunderland has given me another option, with creations that are both modern and timeless, with a classic elegance.

Rita’s jewellery is made with quality gemstones and findings, beautifully hand-crafted and with excellent presentation. It is always exactly as described.

I love Rita’s jewellery; for me it is an important bridge between vintage and modern. I recommend Rita Sunderland wholeheartedly and without reservation, and I look forward to purchasing many more pieces from her.

Thank you Rita!

Tango collection 

tango to three

Amethyst earrings

Mystic topaz earrings

Olga, ST. PETERSBURG, Russia 

I’m very sorry that I have kept you waiting for my feedback on my large jewelry order from RitaSunderland.com. I got seriously ill in the beginning of May and even after I felt better I was in a state of depression.  I couldn’t even work with my own crafts, this has never happened to me before. Only one thing helped me stay upbeat and motivated and that was the jewelry that I purchased from you for my wedding anniversary. The jewelry seemed to force me to put on make-up and go out for a walk. I am  very excited and proud to now be the owner of these lovely designs in jewelry.

As a thank you for your timely and quality work I am sending you some photos of your (NOW MINE) earrings and pendant I bought from you.



 Smokey quartz Earrings and Pendant 

Smokey quartz set

Infinity Collection 

Long Infinity amethyst

Red garnet three hearts earrings 

Garnet dangle earrings


Larisa, Germany 

I really have never written a review on anything before, however I felt compelled to write about Rita’s work. I started by buying one necklace that she hade made from brass and fused recycled glass about a year ago, back when she did not yet have her own website. I havesince bought many items from Rita and had them shipped to Germany as gifts and for myself ,  each time I have been extremely happy with both her work and her delivery.The first time I purchased I was leary about ordering online from her in the USA, now I do not worry even about the price because each piece of jewelery I have ordered has been exactly as described and as in the photos. What is hard to convay is just how feminine her work is and how it really makes me feel like a woman. As you can see in the pictures I have sent her,  it does not matter wether it has been macrame, wire wrap or a custom piece. They all look and feel fabulous!

Thank you Rita for your art.



Recycled glass necklace

Moon stone and black hemp macrame necklace


Tatiana, Russia

The best necklace I have ever seen and have! Many women ask me where I have bought this blue cube pretty necklace. I am happy to have opportunity to work with dear Rita as a customer. Hope and wait for next new works! Thank you, Rita!

Gold cube topaz necklace

Tatiana from Russia


Andi A.,  WA 

I felt incredibly honored to be asked by Rita to model her jewelry for her. Each piece is made with such passion and careful consideration, each and every piece lovingly crafted by her own two hands.


I had never modeled for anyone before, hadn’t even considered it, and frankly I didn’t know what to do! A combination of exquisite jewelry and gentle encouragement from Sunderlands made it an absolutely unforgettable experience. What a fun time! every piece of jewelry has it’s own distinct feel and character to it, so much so that it was impossible for it not to be the focal point. Necklaces and earrings sprang to life and screamed “Look at me! I’m beautiful!”, and that’s just exactly how the jewelry made me feel too.


Rita’s own husband, Jason, did all the photography and I was very impressed with his professionalism. It was obvious to me that he is as passionate about putting out a good product as Rita is herself. they both took the photo shoot very seriously, but all the while kept it light hearted and fun. Rita and Jason wanted me to feel comfortable and have fun too while they snapped away.


Rita Sunderland is a real gem herself. I think that her jewelry really reflects her grace and class and I was just so flattered that she wanted to see me in her product.


Gold necklace with smokey quartz and lemon topaz

Gold earrings with lapis lazuli

Gold carnelian earrings

Macrame jewelry

Gold necklace with yellow topaz


T. Farber, WA

My girls are happy!

As a man it can be hard to find gifts for women in their teens to mid twenties.


I had looked at stores and at even tried the hellish world of the mall, but I did not find anything that would be a gift to cherish and remember. I stumbeled onto Rita’s work through meeting her husband where I work, well let’s just say I was not to excited about looking at what I thought would be your typical crafty wife type gifts. However what I found was perfect, every girl had their color combination they love and the quality was excellent.


Best of all I was able to do my shopping for about a third of what I had planned for.


Thank you Rita for helping to make my daughters and neices Chistmas in 2011 one to remember.