September birthstone jewelry. Sapphires.

Handmade jewelry gifts for September Birthday.

14K sapphire jewelry

14K sapphire jewelry

Celebrate a September  birthday with  our unique handmade jewelry gifts.  We are offering unique and feminine style jewelry created by Rita Sunderland.

If you are looking for valuable jewelry gifts take a look at our September Birthstone jewelry collection.  14K yellow gold necklace with natural sapphires or pick more affordable 3 in one necklace in 14K gold filled.

Here is some interesting facts about sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire belongs to the group of four most precious stones in the world

– Are you going on a long journeys?  Than handmade sapphire jewelry will be a protection during long journeys.

– Sapphire jewelry brings light and peace and opens the mind toward beauty and intuitive understanding.

How to clean Sapphire jewelry?

– The best part of owning handmade sapphire jewelry is that you can clean it at home. You don’t need to purchase special cleaning solution for this gemstone. All that you need is a warm water and some of your dish soap.

Please look this instruction How to clean sapphires at home.

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