How to clean jewelry at home

Today I would like to share with you one of the simple way to clean gold jewelry at home I promise you will not need to run to the store and purchase some special cleaning solutions or polishing cloths. Let’s imagine that tomorrow is a big day for you and you need to wear your beautiful gold filled jewelry. But the sad news your gold filled jewelry becomes not as sparkly as when you bought it. No problem, now I will show how to clean your jewelry with what you’ve got at home.

For this  method we will need to have mild dishwashing liquid, tooth brush, water and paper towel. Those items you can find easy in your house. It will take your up to 20-25 minutes to make your jewelry clean and sparkle.

gold filled jewelry cleaning

First step:

Take a cup of warm water (use two cups  if you would like to clean several jewelry pieces at once) add couple drops of dishwashing liquid (Joy, Palmolive ..etc.) and soak in this homemade jewelry cleaning solution for about 15 minutes.

cleaning jewelry at home

Second step:  

Take a soft-bristle toothbrush (I used my daughter’s toothbrush) and gently scrub your gold filled  jewelry. In my example using toothbrush helped me clean the most hardest parts on the gemstones very easy and very fast. After you will be done with cleaning jewelry with toothbrush, rinse under the warm water.

home jewelry cleaning

Last step:

Take a paper towel and put your already clean jewelry to absorb the moist and water. You are all done. Now it’s time to put your clean and sparkle jewelry and get ready for tons of compliments.

cleaning jewelry with gems


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