Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide?

 YES! Wherever you are located, your order is most welcome.

Shipping Options:

United States (Zone 1)
Free First class shipping USPS (tracking not available)
Priority Mail only $5.20 USPS (tracking number will be provided)
Express Mail only $18.30 USPS (tracking number will be provided)

International – Outside of the USA (Zone 2)
First class USPS international shipping is $7.00 (second item always ships free)
USPS Priority shipping is only $16.00 (no charge for extra items – send 2 -3 items – pay only $16.00) when you choose USPS Priority shipping it does NOT include a tracking number.
USPS Express shipping is only $29.00 (no charge for extra items – send 2 -3 items – pay only $29.00) when you choose USPS Express shipping you’ll be provided with tracking number.


USPS First Class always FREE (Shipping Zones by Country)

USPS First Class always FREE
Starting weightZone 1Zone 2
0.00 lbs$0.00$16.00

USPS Priority (Shipping Zones by Country)

USPS Priority
Starting weightZone 1Zone 2
0.00 lbs$5.60$25.00

USPS Express (Shipping Zones by Country)

USPS Express
Starting weightZone 1Zone 2
0.00 lbs$19.95$45.00


What currency and payment methods do you accept?

PayPal Logo

We use PayPal for all Credit Card Transactions to ensure Safe and Secure payment processing. Please note, a PayPal account is NOT required to use our PayPal checkout.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are required to charge sales tax for orders shipping to Washington state. This amount will automatically be calculated and applied by Paypal when you place your order.

What is your return/exchange policy?

On the rare occasion that an item isn’t what you were expecting we will gladly accept exchanges of jewelry in its original new condition. Straight returns carry a 10% restocking fee. Limited edition and rare cut / one of a kind items are non returnable due to risk and demand.  To make arrangements for a return or exchange, please contact us within 5 business days of recieving the package. Any associated shipping costs with returning an item will be the responsibility of the buyer. We cannot be held responsible for returned items lost in transit and recommend paying for insurance and delivery confirmation when returning items. We want you to be happy with your purchase so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any concerns you may have.

Do you offer gift wrapping as an option?

We offer FREE gift wrapping and a FREE custom made note card with every order.

What is the quality of your stones?

Rita chooses stones for their unique styles and colors. She is not a gemologist or a stone snob. If you are looking for completely unincluded perfect cut stones, she might be able to get them at the right price. Rita’s concept is beauty and uniqueness for everyone and believes that the natural differences in the stones are exactly what nature intended.However that does not necessarily mean inexpensive as rare cuts and unique colors as well as fabrication always cost more. What you see is really what you get, look at the pictures and you will see colors change and differ.

Are your metals nickel free?

YES, all Rita’s metals are nickel free, however that does not prevent metal allergies.

Do you do custom work?

YES! Please mail inquiries to info@ritasunderland.com or just go to the contact page. The policy at RitaSunderland.com for custom work is 100% upfront with no returns, however Rita will do as much as possible to refine and modify a design untillyou are happy or there is no futher modification that can be done.

Do you do repairs?

Rita will repair her own work if it can be done, on a quote by quote basis. Rita however will not repair other peoples work.

Do you wholesale?

Not really, Rita makes her jewelry designs as a hobby, that has developed into what you see now. She does her work while caring for family and running a home, this business has not yet grown to the point where large wholesale quantities make sense.  About the best you could do is to email her with your intention and see if there can be a quantity discount.

Can you accommodate special needs people?

Most of the time yes, if you or somebody you know has physical limitations and a piece of jewelry can be modified to give them beauty and independence then Rita is more than happy to help. Just treat it like a custom order, see the custom orders section.

What the heck is gold filled?

We all know that gold has grown ridiculously expensive, and these days the ounce price is going upwards of $1800 an ounce. So as an economical alternative gold filled keeps a solid layer of 14 karat gold in contact with your eyes and skin! 14 karat gold filled is the best affordable solution. By law, it has 1/20th by weight layer of 14 karat gold permanently bonded over a core of base metal. It has far more gold than the few microns coating of gold as in gold plates, a hundred or more times the amount of gold. Under normal wear with reasonable care that you would give any precious metal jewelry, 14K GF jewelry will not peel or flake and can be treasured just like heirloom pieces. It is tarnish-resistant like solid 14 karat gold and is safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold jewelry. Caring for 14 karat gold filled jewelry is as easy as caring for other precious metal jewelry. So all in all, 14K gold filled jewelry is a long lasting, economical way to enjoy the luster of gold without the big price tag.

Can you do work with my stones, beads, or metals?

Most of the time yes, if you send pictures and explanations to Rita she can assess whether it is feasible or not. The customer is responsible for all cost of shipping and any modifications necessary as well, once again treat it just like a custom order.

Do you do casting or carving work?

No, not at this time. Rita wants to, however it won’t happen right now as she works from home and until we get big enough to acquire more work space or the kids get big enough they won’t get in the way, whichever comes first.