Fashion tips for jewelry. Round face shape.

Many of you have asked, ” What type of jewelry should you choose, what earrings or necklaces will better fit my facial shape?”  I’m very happy to share some of the fashions tips for the best jewelry what will fit your face shape.

To answer this question I decided to create an earring and necklace chart so you can visually see what compliments different face shapes.

Let’s start with a round face shape, the round face is ideal for wearing longer vertical styles: especially dangles, drops, narrow chandeliers, and ear threads. Remember that opposites attract for round facial shapes: choose rectangles, trapezoids and other long vertically angular designs. Any style that draws attention to a strong vertical line will be flattering for a round face.

Try to avoid hoop earrings they will make your face more round and it is not usually complimenting to do this. Also, it’s not recommended to wear studs or post earrings unless, the stud has a long dangle piece.

On this image you can see what is flattering to wear and what is not. I hope these little tips will help you with your next jewelry shopping trip.

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earrings for round face

Earrings for round face shape

Now some fashion tips for beaded necklaces you should wear to compliment your face shape.

The best choice for round face shape will be wearing longer, looping necklaces. Try to  draw the eyes down and lengthen the look of the face. Large focal components which create a “V” or draw attention below the neckline also create a powerful triangular point that creates a longer line. As an example Carnelian necklace, ruby necklace, rock crystal necklace.

Try to avoid choker, collar and princess lengths, since they shorten the neck and add width to the throat and will make your face and neck line rounder.

Hope this necklace chart for round face shape will help you to visual understand what will be good for you.

jewelry to compliment face shape

Necklace for round face shape

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  1. Laura, January 17, 2013:

    Thanks. This confirms what I thought about my chubby round face! Great pictures too!

  2. Rachel, June 11, 2013:

    Nice post.


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