September birthstone jewelry. Sapphires.

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Handmade jewelry gifts for September Birthday.

14K sapphire jewelry

14K sapphire jewelry

Celebrate a September  birthday with  our unique handmade jewelry gifts.  We are offering unique and feminine style jewelry created by Rita Sunderland.

If you are looking for valuable jewelry gifts take a look at our September Birthstone jewelry collection.  14K yellow gold necklace with natural sapphires or pick more affordable 3 in one necklace in 14K gold filled.

Here is some interesting facts about sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire belongs to the group of four most precious stones in the world

– Are you going on a long journeys?  Than handmade sapphire jewelry will be a protection during long journeys.

– Sapphire jewelry brings light and peace and opens the mind toward beauty and intuitive understanding.

How to clean Sapphire jewelry?

– The best part of owning handmade sapphire jewelry is that you can clean it at home. You don’t need to purchase special cleaning solution for this gemstone. All that you need is a warm water and some of your dish soap.

Please look this instruction How to clean sapphires at home.

Custom jewelry anniversary gift.

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Another great project for my creativity.  I really enjoy working on custom handcrafted jewelry. It is something different when I know that this custom jewelry will be presented as an anniversary gift.

Before to get started I was told what the future owner of my custom jewelry loves. She is in to the vintage style and she does love teal green or turquoise colors. I asked to send me her photo so I could see her neckline to be sure the necklace will be perfect for her. After I saw her photo I decided to add smoky quartz in the design, this stone  looks like her beautiful eyes. I also knew that it will be the 6-th anniversary so I offered to incorporate 6 silver beads into design as representing this special year.

Now I’m more than happy to share with you what we came up.

turquoise custom

If you would like to receive a special created for your  custom anniversary gift share this post or Pin it to you Pinterest board. I’m sure your husband one day will see what you want for your anniversary day. Give him some tips  how he can make this day special for you! )))

Custom jewelry Seattle




custom teal green set

Best recycled jewelry accessories.

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Recycled jewelry accessories. Bold style glass necklaces.

How about something new and something cool?  The other day I learned how to make sliding knots and now I’m addicted to them. Who knew that one knot will bring my creativity back to action. You ask me why sliding knots? It’s simple and it’s the best way to create adjustable leather jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Play with sliding knots and make the length of the jewelry to perfectly fit any outfit.

recycled pendant

This morning I found a lot of recycled glass pendants I was working couple years ago. I didn’t want to throw them out and now I know why. With today fashion trends I see a lot of bold style necklaces as everyday accessories. Those glass pendant are one of a kind and they are pretty bold to fit this season fashion style.

Custom Carnelian Jewelry Set

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It was my pleasure to work on this custom order carnelian jewelry set.

Carnelian is a very interesting and one of the affordable gemstones. People use carnelian gemstones as in  feng shui jewelry as an amulet and spiritual jewelry.

For those who doesn’t follow all this magick and  healing properties of natural gemstones carnelian is just a beautiful eye candy gemstone.  I was very happy and excited when I found these beautiful onion cut faceted carnelian. They are really like a candy.

Out of many Carnelian jewelry  designs on my site I think those set came one of the best one. It was a custom order for the lady who knows a lot about gemstones. I know she will be happy to get it!

Thank you so much for letting me work for you.

If you would like to custom made this  jewelry design with your favorite gemstone – please CONTACT me for pricing.

carnelian earrings

Carnelian jewelry

How to clean jewelry at home

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How to clean jewelry at home

Today I would like to share with you one of the simple way to clean gold jewelry at home I promise you will not need to run to the store and purchase some special cleaning solutions or polishing cloths. Let’s imagine that tomorrow is a big day for you and you need to wear your beautiful gold filled jewelry. But the sad news your gold filled jewelry becomes not as sparkly as when you bought it. No problem, now I will show how to clean your jewelry with what you’ve got at home.

For this  method we will need to have mild dishwashing liquid, tooth brush, water and paper towel. Those items you can find easy in your house. It will take your up to 20-25 minutes to make your jewelry clean and sparkle.

gold filled jewelry cleaning

Art quotes that help me every day.

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In this post I’ll collect my favorite Art Quotes that inspire me to create more and more of my beautiful jewelry.

Art quotes

Another new art quote i came across today and I’m happy to share it with you. The original photo was taken by my little helper Lexi. I’m sure she will be an artist too. She has a great eye  as her father.

Art quotes desire

Cannes Film Festival. Red Carpet Jewelry. Carly Steel.

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Cannes Film Festival. Red Carpet Jewelry. Carly Steel.

What a great news I got for my own jewelry business.

Last year my handcrafted jewelry along with the other awesome gifts from The Artisan Group were gifted to attended celebrities at GBK’s American Music Awards Gift lounge.

Early this year I was posting about getting a tweeter feedback from Carly Steel yes she loves  her new Lemon Quartz Earrings, but I couldn’t even imagine that she will wear them during Cannes Film Festival !!

Yes I’m very proud to get this lovely tweet from Carly this morning !

Carly Steel Cannes


I made some Google search and I was lucky to spotted this video where she  takes interview from Leonardo DiCaprio and other members of The Great Gatsby. 

 I could not believe my handcrafted jewelry was in front of Leonardo DiCaprio  eyes ))


Pin it To Win It – up to $100 worth of handcrafted jewelry

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Pin it To Win It – up to $100 worth of handcrafted jewelry

Hi All – This your chance to win handcrafted jewelry for yourself or for gifts. You can win anything from my jewelry line including Celebrity gifted jewelry

May is the most greatest month in my live. My daughter’s birthday, my father’s birthday and my own birthday which is om May 28-th.

Help me spread the word by entering my Pinterest contest.

Just pin your favorite pieces for a chance to win them all.

Contest ends on May 28-th 2013. Please like or share this post using the social links above.

Questions? Email me at

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Pin it to win it 100

Host a Jewelry eParty.

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Host a Jewelry eParty.
Do you like jewelry?
Do you have friends that like jewelry?
If I told you that you can earn money by staying at home and chatting with your friends online would you be interested?
If you answered Yes to the above then hosting a Jewelry eParty with jewelry by RitaSunderland is right for you.
host jewelry eParty

host jewelry eParty

* * *
What is an eParty?
* * *
An eParty is an exciting way to include friends and family in an online shopping party without interfering with busy schedules. An eParty allows you to be the online hostess of your very own shopping party! Invite as many “guests” as you like, include your friends, family, co-workers & neighbors, whomever you can think of to shop online in the comfort of their own homes…there is no obligation to join the party and unlike home parties, your guests won’t feel pressured to buy simply because they are there.
* * *
How does it work?
* * *
Decide on the dates of the party and contact for your SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE for 10% off which you can share with your guests. Your guests can do their shopping anytime within the party time frame (7 days) at a discounted rate of 10% by entering YOUR PARTY CODE when they checkout!
For example: if Jane is hosting a party the coupon code will be JaneParty.  This is how I will track your sales and apply the discount so it is important for your guests to enter the coupon code. To make it even better anyone purchasing during the party will be entered into a drawing for a pair of earrings (you will be provided with the current available earrings for drawing)
* * *
How much can I earn?
* * *
You, as the host, will receive 10% of all the sales made during the duration of your eParty
Payment will be made via paypal or check, your choice.
If you are interested in hosting your own Jewelry eParty or have any questions please email me at:
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