Birthstones by month. December.


There are primarily three different stones associated with December birthstone jewelry: the blue topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. Blue topaz and topaz of any type is an important jewelry stone due to its hardness (8 on the Moh’s scale) and high refractive index, it is also the most common and popular.

You’ll find a range of shades in blue topaz, ranging from the pale Sky Blue to the deeper Swiss Blue and London Blue. The more intense and deep the color is, the more valuable the blue topaz is, although the most deep shade, London Blue, never occurs in nature and is only produced by man-made gemological processes.

 birthstones by month December

Topaz can be found in astonishing big sizes. In 1964 blue topazes were found in the Ukraine, each weighing about 100 kg. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. displays cut topaz of several thousand carats each. A faceted topaz weighing 22,892.50 carats, making it the largest cut yellow topaz in the world.

The Egyptians believed that topaz was colored with the golden glow of the mighty Sun God Ra. This made topaz a very powerful amulet that protected the faithful against harm. The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, their God of the Sun. The topaz is assigned to planet Venus. The esoteric movement revived the ancient believe and the gem industry made it another marketing tool to promote certain gems.



Blue topaz brings leadership ability to anyone who wears or carries any form of December birthstone jewelry. It also enhances and improves psychic knowledge, spiritual growth, and psychic insight. It also lends and air of tranquility in those endeavors. Blue topaz is specifically associated with these Chakras; throat chakra, and the third eye chakra.

Topaz also has a power in protection, healing, Weight Loss, Money and Love

It is a common knowledge that the body is full of meridians. When these meridians go out of place, the body becomes imbalanced and unhealthy. The blue topaz is known to keep all the meridians in place hence keeping the body safe and strong.  It allows one to clearly verbalize their desires and needs.  Use Blue Topaz when you feel a need to communicate your thoughts in a fashion which is easily understood by others.


In the video for blue topaz the December birthstone Rita wanted to show you one of her clients, Tatiana. She loves the blue topaz jewelry from Rita and is proud to send us pictures if just how beautiful a winter stone can look on vacation. In the sun of the Dominican Republic the stones really come into their own, adding to the rich aqua colored water and skies.

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