Best recycled jewelry accessories.

Recycled jewelry accessories. Bold style glass necklaces.

How about something new and something cool?  The other day I learned how to make sliding knots and now I’m addicted to them. Who knew that one knot will bring my creativity back to action. You ask me why sliding knots? It’s simple and it’s the best way to create adjustable leather jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Play with sliding knots and make the length of the jewelry to perfectly fit any outfit.

recycled pendant

This morning I found a lot of recycled glass pendants I was working couple years ago. I didn’t want to throw them out and now I know why. With today fashion trends I see a lot of bold style necklaces as everyday accessories. Those glass pendant are one of a kind and they are pretty bold to fit this season fashion style.

Art glass pendant

Glass jewelry is very affordable and you can have as many as you want. Pick the pendant you like and refresh your everyday outfit with my recycled fashion necklaces. Blue, purple, ten color leather necklaces are also  so easy to put on and to adjust the perfect length according to your top or blouse.

Another good part of those recycled jewelry is that I was trying not use any metal for those of you who does have allergy and can’t wear metal jewelry.

Remember all the Recycled Glass Jewelry are one of a kind. Snap it now because tomorrow they might be gone.

Be unique with our recycled fashion necklaces.

bold pendant leather necklace


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