As Gifted to Jenny McCarthy Gold Puzzle Piece Bracelet

Order Autism bracelet macrame 14K Gold Filled @ $48.00

As a part of  The Artisan Group I had an opportunity to create this Puzzle piece bracelet for a celebrity gift bag and this time we were creating a gift bag for Jenny McCarthy.

After reading and seeing what Jenny McCarthy has been doing for the autistic community I was inspired.

I designed this puzzle piece bracelet as way to for mothers to show their connection to the growing problem. The puzzle piece is the international symbol for autism, which is perfect considering what a mystery autism has been to the medical and academic professionals.

I hand hammered gold filled wire into a puzzle piece shape and wrapped it together using round wire, then I used a hand made macrame gold polyester band with a gold filed clasp. This keeps the bracelet super light and reduced the chance of allergic reactions that so many women are prone to.

Be proud to show you care about autism no matter where you go!

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Metal – 14K Gold Filled

Size – 7 inches

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  1. Sharon Ayalon, January 9, 2013:

    This is one of the most stunning awareness pieces I have ever seen!! LOVE

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