Welcome to RitaSunderland.com – your online gift giving and handcrafted jewelry store.

I am so happy that you have found your way to my site. RitaSunderland.com is a great source of unique, one of a kind, designer jewelry gifts. All jewelry is handmade by myself, in Seattle Washington. I use custom rare-cut gemstones in many of my designs which means limited quantities and a one of a kind purchase. I strive to find the best unique cuts and semi precious stones from both an asthetic and symbolic perspective. I also do all the photography for the website and occasionally can be seen at a local shows.

I was born in Russia and have been working at my craft since the age of five. I now reside near Seattle Washington and have found the Pacific Northwest to be a base for my creative and family endeavors. I use a bit of both worlds in my designs and am happy to do custom work as well. I make every attempt to keep my prices in a range that anyone can afford. That is one of the reasons I used gold filled materials rather than solid gold. If you’d prefer one of my pieces in solid gold, simply ask for a quote. All of my work is made with passion, love and fine attention to detail. As I handmake the jewelry I sell I do not regularly make large quantities or sell wholesale. When you buy direct from me, you are directly supporting an artist and her family, not a corporation.

Please take the time to find the perfect gift and reward yourself and your loved ones. When you find yourself happy wearing my jewelry, the BIGGEST compliment you can give is by spreading the word. I appreciate your business and look forward to providing the same high quality hand made jewelry to anyone you refer to me.

I support art in America and hope you will too!

Rita Sunderland

P.S. Without my team of friends and family none of this would be possible, I would like to thank; Nicole White for stepping up where no other friend has from web mastering to just being flat cool, Mamma for making deliveries in Russia and just being there, my mother in law Mary Ann Clark for putting up with everything and holding none of it against me.  Most of all to my husband Jason who has put up with my moods, disillusionment, insistence, for witting crazy humorous descriptions and designing some of my work.

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