5 Tips For Choosing A Great Mothers Day Gift

Mothers day is around the corner. In United States we will celebrate this day on May 12.  In this blog post we will share with your our 5  tips how to choose a great gift for the mothers day.
Fifth on the list is something that lasts, that’s means she loves it or it is useful to her daily. We all know moms end up with boxes full of things that collect dust, but it is the gifts that she keeps at her fingertips that are the most enduring.
* * * *
Fourth are the gifts that have meaning, either sentimental or maybe even a color or representation. Moms are ladies and ladies have feelings, find that something that she will feel attachment to or that fakes her feel good!
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Third is a gift that is unique and hers, that one of a kind or cant get that everywhere kind of special something. Anyone can go to a store and buy a made in a foreign land item, get mom something made here in America and preferably handmade by people who share this place mom raised you!
* * * *
Secondly a gift that can be used everyday, who wants a gift that they have to hang on to until the perfect time? Boring, let mom enjoy her gift everyday from the moment you give it to her!
* * * *
First on the list is quality; cheap is cheap, but quality can only have a price put on it over time. Made to last and made to hold value are great signs of quality and yes this can be affordable!
* * * *
Rita has come up with a fun idea that can hit all of these important ideas for the mothers day, she has hung her earring designs on small original hand painted  mini canvasses. Yeah so what?! Well not only are the earrings great unique designs that are handmade out of quality materials, but they can be hung on a wall and not end up in  doors or abandoned jewelry boxes that are too hard to dig through.
Mothers day gifts
Pretty on the wall and pretty on the face… Pretty neat idea to give Original Art Painting with a piece of unique handcrafted earrings.
Here are some tips when choosing from Rita: 
– pick a stone that is a favorite color or has meaning like: attracting love, money, happiness, or even protection.
– find a set that goes with a room or wardrobe, who doesn’t want things that look good?
– lastly contact Rita, she can custom make what you need even if you do not see it online right away in our ART GIFTS section !
mother gift giving art
Pick your own ART GIFTS 
canvas with earrings
Or request a custom painted mini canvas by CONTACTING the artist.
Mothers day jewelry
Give your Mother something special this Mothers Day.

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