5 Reasons To Own Topaz Jewelry



Let’s talk about December Birthstone meaning and it’s healing properties. Here is our 5 reasons to own topaz jewelry

1. When worn, topaz jewelry relieves depression, anger, fear, greed and all disturbing emotions.

2. You can put topaz jewelry under your pillow or wear it to sleep, when done this gemstone fends off nightmares and ends sleepwalking.

blue topas solid gold

3. Topaz jewelry is long used to remedy the pain of rheumatism and arthritis, making it a wonderful gift for the older people in your life.

4. Topaz jewelry is also known as “love of gold”, the topaz is used to bring wealth and money. Especially when combined with equal amounts of tigers eye, together used for centuries in ceremony around green candles.

5. Topaz is a stone used for love. They have a reputation for drawing love to you and If you are celebrating a fourth anniversary, topaz will be a great choice. When attracting love looking good is import and topaz is known for regulating digestion and helping with weight loss.

Pendant blue topaz diamond

If you would like to know more about this beautiful stones for love and watch little video presentation visit  other post about Blue Topaz.

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