Rare Cut Fluorite And 14K Gold Filled Dangle Earrings

Order Green fluorite earrings

If you are looking for a design you won’t see in stores or on your friends, then this pair of  rare cut fluorite and 14K gold filled dangle earrings will absolutely stand out! Yes these are a truly rare cut… So rare in fact that Rita may not be able to get her hands on them again. So if you have your heart set on having these, grab them! Because once they are gone….Well … They are gone!

Each rare cut fluorite and 14K gold filled dangle earring is hand picked and hand crafted by Rita and has a choice of two metals.

Material –  14K Gold Filled or sterling silver

Stone – rare cut green fluorite  ( 20x12x8mm) around 14.75 ct.

Ear Wire –  Fish hook earwire stamp 1/20 14K or .925

Length – 2 inches (55 mm)

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