Three In One 14K Gold Filled Carnelian Jewelry

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Three In One Necklace, Bracelet, Or Anklet

Whew this was designed for the girl that changes outfits many times a day.

This three in one necklace, bracelet, or anklet chain and pendant is the versatile accessory just for any occasion and wardrobe change.

The red carnelian stone and gold looks very rich while being stated and feminine.

Just imagine one fashion accessory that can be packed up easy and used in different forms everywhere you, less decisions and many great looks.

Necklace – 21 inches

Bracelet – wrap 3 times

Anklet – wrap 2 times

This  universal jewelry will be available   with black garnet, blue sapphires.

Metal – 14K Gold Filled

Stone – faceted carnelian (black garnet, blue sapphires)


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